Stonegate Apartment Reviews

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

I lived here for more than 4 years. Place is fairly new and maintains good conditions. Even if it’s little more money, get renovated kitchen. I had to make contract before seeing the actual apartment I was going to rent and then later I got disappointed at the kitchen condition. Also when I left, I couldn’t get my security deposit back and part of the reason was kitchen condition… Trust me, I vacuumed the whole place and cleaned everything out when I left. If you call for maintenance, they usually come the same day or the next day.

Joe Cho - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

I just visited this property today in search of a 1-2 bedroom but especially wanted the loft which there is a waiting list for….BUT I must say that this property actually looks great online and even BETTER in person! This is a first that Ive ever seen a property look so good in person as I have visited many apartments in the area. The kitchen & baths are sensational and the clubhouse is AMAZING. BOTH of the leasing agents were very nice and not that this matters, BUT they both were very stylish and well put together which is also something I don’t see often as the leasing agents where I currently am always look like they just rolled out of bed and skipped bathing.

Honey Hilton - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

Loved here a little under a year. The grounds are beautiful and the staff was kind and helpful.

Courtney Carlson - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

Amy is the best Property Manager we have ever had! She always goes above and beyond and TRULY cares about her community. Awesome parties and wonderful location, no wonder this place is 100 % occupied! Way to go Amy!

Chels Housewright - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

I searched for nearly 4 months to find an apartment that was within our families budget, yet didn’t put us in a bad neighborhood, nor sacrifice on quality of living. Stonegate apartments exceeded my expectations. Amy the property manager is awesome! I won’t say that we never had maintenance issues, what I will say is if we told her about it, she ensured that a resolution was always quick and satisfactory. She truly cares about the residents, she has hosted a number of events throughout our stay to encourage residents to get to know one another. The property is beyond beautiful. I love waking up and looking at the deer walking below my apartment. The location is ideal as well. I can be to Clayton in 13 minutes, West county mall in 5 minutes, tons of restaurants around. Lastly, we we are renting one of the units that has the two level apartments. That means the kids stay on the second floor, we stay on the first floor. We had three separate porches in a single apartment. Each one that allows you to walk out, set up a table and chairs. Name another apartment that can boast the same.

Idybidyguy - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

I have lived at Stonegate for 3 years now. When I first moved in, the manager was terrible and promised me a bunch of stuff that she could not give. She wasn’t here long and then Amy came in as the new manager. She has been amazing! Along with the new staff, she has made great changes to this place as well as fulfilled some of the changes the other manager failed to do. Issues I have in my apartment are usually resolved pretty painlessly. It is an older apartment but it is pretty well maintained and as old tenants move out, they are making some big restorations. The clubhouse and grounds are beautiful and I feel very safe walking around them even at night. There is always plenty of parking so I’m really not sure why all the complaints about this on previous reviews. I love my loft apartment with its 16 ft ceilings and my patio and solarium. I do not have trouble with noise from other neighbors and they are all pretty pleasant to be around. The neighborhood is great too; quiet, easy access to 141 and 64 highways, and across the street from Walgreens, Schnucks, banks, gas station, and lots of places to eat. I think the price is good for the amount of square footage I get and is better than many of my friends apartments. I have really enjoyed living here.

Taylor Rae - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

Overall, I was very impressed by the professionalism of the company. If something was wrong they made sure to correct it.

William (Ryan) Checkett - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Twin Oaks, MO

I lived at Stonegate for a year. It was my first apartment and I loved it. Staff was great about getting any problems fixed almost immediately. Great neighborhood, great spot, nice and quiet.

Becca Kaufman - Twin Oaks, MO 63088

Stonegate Apartments in Manchester, MO

This is a quiet and clean community. The management staff is very friendly and responsive, and maintenance has always been quick and equally as friendly. The location is perfect. I would highly recommend this community.

Andrea Zeilman - Manchester, MO 63011

Apartment in Twin Oaks, MO

We couldn’t have asked for a better apartment and location for our sons first apartment while away at college. Any service issues were addressed quickly and all of the staff were always polite. We were impressed with how quiet it was and the complex always appeared clean and thankfully he never experienced any type of crime while living there. Overall very pleased with his year here and would recommend this complex to anyone looking for somewhere to rent in this area.
L German - Twin Oaks, MO 63088